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A Publication Of The Regional Alliance For Small Contractors, Inc.
Regional Alliance NOTES, Spring 2010 .

Robert McCloud enjoyed a twenty year stint in the construction industry before founding his own construction management firm. Having studied architectural design at Pittsburgh Tech, Mr. McCloud honed his management skills with notable construction outfits like O'Brien Kreitzberg, Humphreys & Harding and Skanska USA. Over the years, he developed a strong marketing background culminating with his term as Skanska USA Assistant Vice President of Business Development. "I always had a mind to starting my own business but I knew I had to gain the right experience in the industry, the proper way of doing things," says Mr. McCloud. True to form, he studied the route of Greyhawk, a start-up firm founded by Obrien-Kreitzberg alumni. They were generous with their time and provided useful access, illustrating the growing pains of a new business.

Next, a sound business plan was required to secure capital for his new firm. With projected finances, a five year growth plan and key personnel identified, the plan was shopped around. "To tell you the truth, I was surprised by the amount of interest our business plan elicited," Mr. McCloud bought out his partner and the McCloud Group, a prime construction management company was established.

Today, the veteran construction managment firm, with 19 office and field staff, has overseen the erecetion of numerous new K-12 schools and handled rehabilitation/renovation projects, in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut; the last with the help of the Regional Alliance. Earle J. Walker, Regional Alliance Executive Director recalls, "The City of Bridgeport, Connecticut was unsuccessfully seeking a local minority construction manager to oversee the building of a new school. They asked me for recommendations, The McCloud Group was one of several firms I referred, and they own the bid and project". The firm also benefits from joint ventures with LIRO Group and URS Greiner, undertaking as lead partner, projects of increasing size and complexity.

The robust practice of the McCloud Group (TMG) includes banks, public facilities, colleges & universities, residential homes, and religious institutions. Their client list is a testament to Mr. McCloud's marketing acumen and the professionalism of his senior project manager, Randy Rosenblum, Gary Elliott, and Angel Rivera. Clients include: NYC School Construction Authority; New Jersey School Construction Corporation; Wachovia Bank; New Jersey City University; NYC Dept. of Design & Construction; City of Bridgeport, CT; City of Hammonton, NJ.

Mr. McCloud also has a strong sense of community. "TMG is donating construction services to Bethesda Baptist Church in Jersey City, NJ, for re-construction," he happily affirms. The 113 year-old historic chruch, in the city's downtown section, was severly damaged during a three-alarm fire in November, 2007. TMG will oversee all activities associated with the reconstruction of the church, from programming through construction and close-out. Mr. McCloud concludes, "I am still excited as much by small, medion-sized projects as by the hefty ones, our boutique construction management firm can attentively cultivate clients in ways giant firms cannot".

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