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The McCloud Group is a leading provider of management services. Working as a partner with our clients, we provide many options for the appropriate construction delivery method, and will tailor the contractual relationship best suited to provide Added Value to your project.

Program Management
The McCloud Group works with clients who have multiple projects and needs an expert representative to manage their design and construction program. In this role, we work as a partner with the client to manage multiple architects, construction managers, schedules and budgets. Our cost and schedule control systems will allow clients "real time" queries to immediately track multiple projects.

Construction Management for Fee
The McCloud Group works as a client's agent overseeing all preconstruction, procurement, construction and post-construction activities. Under this arrangement, we provide total management on the client's behalf. The client holds all contracts and The McCloud Group assists in the packaging and selection of contractors.

Construction Consulting
The McCloud Group supports the client's team during any part of the project's design, procurement or construction phases. Some clients may only require limited services such as construction cost estimating, constructability reviews or CPM scheduling. To whatever extent our services will be required, we offer a full spectrum to satisfy your specific needs.

As a full-service firm, The McCloud Group offers the ability to serve as your Design/CM from the project's inception. This "concept-to-completion" method of construction is quickly gaining favor with clients who are driven by the need to get their facility delivered in the shortest amount of time. It is ideally suited for a client who wishes to participate actively in the construction process and can effectively lead the entire process.

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